Crawler 3D Aquarium Screensaver

Crawler 3D Aquarium Screensaver

This amazing screen saver will make you feel like if you were in the ocean.
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The 3D Marine & Tropical Aquarium Screen Saver will make your computer look like a real aquarium with a tropical environment and marine fishes, you will even hear the bubbles! It provides some additional features, that will allow you to set your own aquarium as you wish. There is a rock in the lower right-hand corner of your screen with a wall clock, a calendar and the date plus a digital clock. Below it there are some more features, such as "feed the fishes", "knock the glass" or "options". Among those options, you will find information about the aquariums and the fishes (name, latin name, length and count), as well as the option to download new environments and fishes from the home website. In the advanced tag, you can also change the environment settings (fog density, bubbles density, reflections, caustics, background sound, show date and time), the lightning (enable color scheme and enable fading, controlling the duration in seconds in this last one) and system, such as processor usage, Max FPS (20-25), process priority (iddle, normal, high), texture detail and animation detail (full, half and low). There is also a search feature that will lead you to the home website, in case you want to get some more information about other programs.

Andrea Hilera Lomba
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  • It is a very relaxing screen saver
  • The additional features make it more entertaining than a regular screen saver


  • The water sound can make it slightly annoying if left for a long time
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